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Head to the country for Writers and Readers Symposium

On Saturday, February 17, readers and writers will come together for the annual Writers and Readers Symposium in St. Francisville. Sponsored by A Celebration of Literature and Art, the event will host award-winning authors including Ernest J. Gaines, M.O. Walsh, Catharine Savage Brosman, John Kemp, Michael H. Rubin and Genaro Ky Lý Smith.

The authors will present their work and discuss the creative processes behind it at Hemingbough. “It is exciting to annually bring together published and aspiring writers and interested readers in a beautiful place,” says Missy Couhig, owner of The Conundrum Bookstore and director of the Writers and Readers Symposium. “It is rare that successful authors are in a setting in which they can discuss their works in depth and help others to understand their craft.”

In conjunction with the Symposium, a Novel Image Art Show will include photographs, paintings and sculptures related to writing and literature. The literary day will also include a lunch with homemade desserts, where participants will be able to enjoy their meal alongside some of their favorite authors.

“It’s going to be particularly wonderful this year,” says Couhig. “Ernest J. Gaines will be joining us to discuss his newest book, The Tragedy of Brady Sims.

Attendance is limited, so interested participants are encouraged to go online and purchase tickets early. Tickets are $55 in advance and $65 on the day of the event.