Young woman holding lemon slices in front of eyes

Fresh facial; Buti yoga for teens

Fresh facial

If you’ve got lemons, make … a facial? Studies show that mixing lemon and honey can offer a variety of benefits to your skin. Put a few drops of honey on the cut surface of half a lemon, and rub onto your face. Let sit for five minutes before rinsing with cold water. When used regularly, you’ll see the results in clearer skin, faded trouble spots,  and moisturized skin that glows.

Buti yoga for teens

Looking for a way to vamp up your teenage daughter’s exercise routine this summer? Define Fitness Studio is hosting a Teen Buti Yoga series specifically for high-school girls. Though classes started May 31, there’s still time to sign up. The series ends July 31. Classes, offered Sundays and Wednesdays, consist of 45 minutes of instruction and a 15-minute discussion. Buti combines Hatha yoga with tribal-influenced dance plyometrics. This series is led by certified RYT Buti Yoga instructors.