Gianna Ferrante instructing a class at Tread. Photo courtesy Gianna Ferrante.

Kick up your confidence with a fitness wardrobe refresh

You wouldn’t wear an ill-fitting dress to an event, so why put on the same stretched-out leggings for a workout? Sure, workouts aren’t the same as a night out, but that doesn’t mean feeling confident is any less crucial.

“With anything, it’s important to feel comfortable,” explains Gianna Ferrante, local fitness instructor and mastermind behind @the.sweatdiaries. “When you’re wearing leggings or a top that doesn’t fit right, you focus more on the clothes than the workout. You perform better when you feel confident.”

With fitness classes resuming, workouts are a moment of personal time in a day spent juggling responsibilities–we’re looking at you, summer camp cancellations. Why not ensure that time is spent feeling your best? You never know how a new sports bra could enhance not just your early morning session, but your fitness journey as a whole.

“You have to find what speaks to you and makes you feel your best self,” says Ferrante. “You don’t always have to spend a fortune to get a great outfit, either. I love mixing pieces from places like Target.”

Below, we rounded up a few picks from some of Ferrante’s favorite brands, as well as some local boutiques. Tap the posts for purchasing information.

“Their leggings are an investment but they’re so worth it,” Ferrante explains. “They’re made of the same material as wetsuits and they don’t lose their elasticity.”

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