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At Bassett Furniture and Galeries Acadiana, customers can find just about any piece of furniture they can dream of. Whether it’s a new dining room table, bedroom set or outdoor seating, these two stores under the same roof offer furniture for the entire home in a wide range of brands and styles and at prices to fit any budget.

No matter what products they choose, customers can count on their new furniture being of the highest quality.

“When a lot of people think of Bassett, that’s exactly what they think of — quality,” says Jordan Long, general manager of the stores’ locations in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. “It’s American made. But some people do equate that to being really expensive. We actually carry a lot of lines at many price points so we’re able to appeal to first-time homebuyers as well as people building and furnishing their dream home.”

The stores carry living, dining, bedroom and outdoor furniture as well as home décor and other items.

“We really have tried to increase our selection to be able to encompass everybody while still having that quality behind everything we sell,” Long says. “That’s across all categories — upholstery, bedrooms, cabinets, occasional.”

Bassett Furniture stocks furniture made by top-shelf designers. At Galeries Acadiana, which adjoins the Bassett stores in both Baton Rouge and Lafayette, customers can find an even larger spectrum of brands and price options.

“We started out as a locally owned Bassett franchise, and then we opened up Galeries Acadiana to be able to carry a bunch of different vendors so we can be a one-stop shop,” Long says.

While Bassett Furniture and Galeries Acadiana keep a variety of styles, colors and price points in stock, both stores have plenty of opportunities for customization too. Many items for sale can be ordered in custom sizes, fabrics and finishes, allowing customers to create unique designs for their homes.

Design consultants are available to offer expert insight on selecting new furniture and crafting a coordinated look.

“It’s a great value add for the customer. We truly just want to help and solve whatever problem they have,” Long says. “If it’s figuring out the layout of a room for a new sofa to work with their existing pieces, we can do that. We also can help them decorate a completely new home.”

If you’re looking for exceptional furniture and customer service to match, stop by Bassett Furniture and Galeries Acadiana.

“Our approach is not just a transaction,” Long says. “We want to build a relationship with the customer.”

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