Creating cohesive outdoor spaces: The importance of a Landscape Architect

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With many things in life, looking at the big picture is crucial. Planning an overhaul of your home’s outdoor areas is no exception.

Whether you want to install fresh landscaping, build an outdoor kitchen or add a water feature like a pool or fountain, each element of the space needs to work together to ensure a cohesive appearance and encourage functionality.

Hiring a landscape architect offers a comprehensive approach that takes all of these factors into account.

“We’re looking at hardscape, landscape, structures, drainage — everything all together rather than just looking at one aspect,” says Chris Sanderson, of EcoRegions Landscape Architecture and Outdoor Construction. “We’re integrating all those things together to give you the best possible solution to the problem you have or what you want to create.”

There are many ways to add form and function outdoors. Plants, of course, are one option. Pathways can bring a sense of flow to an area. Structures, whether attached to the house or standalone, can be added to provide space for storage, cooking or entertaining. Audio and video capabilities can be incorporated too.

Sanderson recently completed an outdoor living space that combines several of these features.

A stepping-stone pathway and refined landscaping welcomes homeowners and their guests to a detached structure that serves as an outdoor kitchen and seating area. Stainless steel appliances join red brick walls and a wood-paneled ceiling on one side. On the other, visitors can relax in chairs or on a sofa and watch a TV mounted to the wall.

“This particular project has air conditioning in the outdoor area, which is amazing,” Sanderson says.

Nearby is a wooden pergola that shades a porch swing. It’s surrounded by a fountain and tropical plants — making it the perfect place to relax in tranquility.

These types of projects can bring a lot of value and enjoyment to homes. If you want to pursue one, it’s important to work with a landscape architect who can make sure any new additions mesh with their surroundings and meet your needs.

“The benefit of hiring us is we have a design background,” Sanderson says. “We take into consideration all aspects of the project with a landscape architecture background.”

Ready to upgrade your outdoor space? Contact EcoRegions for a consultation.

Sanderson and his team will walk you through options to suit any taste, property and budget. You’ll then work together on the design process, which consists of a conceptual phase, revisions and construction drawings. Before long, your dream outdoor space can become reality.

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