Baton booze: Alcohol-infused food to indulge in

Baker Laura Agra mixes alcohol with all of her sweet confections. Photo courtesy Laura's L'oven.

Looking for a livelier version of your favorite treat? Local culinary minds are bringing unexpected flavors together to create spirited interpretations of classic favorites, and the results are positively intoxicating. From tacos to cupcakes and so much more, the options in booze-infused food are surprisingly diverse and delicious. To help spread the word, we rounded up some of our favorites, along with some we can’t wait to try.

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Laura Agra of Laura’s L’oven doesn’t bake your average treats. Utilizing every variety under the sun, Agra seamlessly combines alcohol with classic flavors like the cannoli pictured above, which are infused with amaretto. After we try this Italian treat, we plan to move onto these cinnamon vodka-infused king cake cupcakes.

Last spring, Cane Land Distilling Company expanded its repertoire to include pecans and rum cakes infused with the brand’s specialty rums. Check here for a list of distributors.

Champagne is the key to our heart, and this new take on king cake is a must, in our opinion.

Concocted locally, this hot sauce finds its base in liquor rather than vinegar. And while it won’t leave you tipsy, it does reduce the acidity that is common with other hot sauces.

Ruby Slipper is home to a renowned BBQ shrimp and grits dish that consists of sautéed Gulf shrimp with a generous splash of amber beer and rosemary reduction, coupled with creamy grits and a buttermilk biscuit.

While not part of its regular selection, City Gelato is offering spiked gelato flavors for the Knock Knock Children’s Museum’s KNOCKturnal Nights event next Thursday, February 7.

Rum House offers a unique take on taco Tuesday (or any day) with a beer-battered Mahi-Mahi option to add to your Caribbean-infused selection.

An alcoholic milkshake to complement a burger? Can it get any better? Curbside Burgers offers an entire menu of “Boozie Shakes,” including the Chilly Vanilli (pictured above), which combines vanilla vodka, Andes mints, Oreo mint cookies, and whipped cream.

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