In Character: Ron Phillips

CONSIDERING, he’s a natural-born leader. He has vision, he has drive and he has the tenacity to see things through to the end.

CONSIDERING, his history in banking and business is significant. He left a highly successful career in Los Angeles to return to Louisiana in the early 1970s to raise a family and to work with customers on a more personal level. He did this in several businesses. “In Baton Rouge, there were smaller companies, emerging companies. I enjoyed helping companies get started. Getting to know the owners directly—that’s what it’s all about.” He was a font of solid financial advice for some of today’s most successful businesses in the Captial Region. And he did it behind the scenes.

CONSIDERING, he has always felt a need to get involved with the community and to help things grow. He was on the board of Woman’s Hospital for a decade, during the years when its leaders were laying the groundwork for the new campus. He served on the board for Episcopal High School for 15 years during which time the school grew in size and scope. He’s a problem solver. He likes the challenge of creating solutions.

CONSIDERING, he has a long-standing passion for AMIkids, a nonprofit organization that provides education and structure to struggling youth to give them a better chance at a future. He has been heavily involved in the local program for 27 years and is currently serving as its board chairman. “It’s something that I feel that I’m called to do. If we don’t help these kids now, they will have problems later.”

CONSIDERING, he couples his determination and expertise with a compassion that overflows. He is kind and endearing, with a brave heart and a true love for others. He is incredible with remembering names, and he makes it a point to learn a bit about each person he encounters.

CONSIDERING, he has known tragedy. His first wife, Lee Ann, died of breast cancer when she was 46 years old, just weeks after their son graduated from high school. A number of years later, he lost his beloved daughter Annslee in a car accident. “Losing Annslee,” he starts, his eyes welling up with tears. “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.”

CONSIDERING, he’s a man truly devoted to family. He has been married to Lauren for 14 years and, between the two of them, the duo has nine grandchildren. “I consider myself extremely fortunate that I have found two amazing women to share this life with.” He and Lauren gather for Sunday meals with their children and grandchildren, and they all take a yearly vacation together.

CONSIDERING, he loves to retreat to his hunting camp in Mississippi to rest and to get out in nature. He’s great with his hands, building a beautiful shooting range and a cooking deck on his own.

CONSIDERING, he has been retired for 10 years, and he counts himself lucky to be able to do the things he loves to do. He travels extensively with Lauren, he advises others when they request it, and he gives of his time to those in need. He’s a man of principle and integrity with a giving heart for those most in need.