Photo by Betsy Lindsey.

What to bring to sorority row for recruitment

It’s always best to be prepared. And when it comes to the stressful (and especially hot) time of sorority recruitment week, it’s best for potential new members to be overly prepared.

As we inch closer to the days of bouncing and clapping, we’re running through the LSU Panhellenic Council’s (PHC) recommendations as well as a few of our own. Plus, we’ll have a few local options from the list. Scroll below to read more.

On the LSU PHC website, here’s the list of items they recommend…

iPhone pop charger, $7, Sanctuary Home & Gifts.

Reusable Phone Charger: A charged phone is

important for notes and selections.

Shop this reusable charger from The Sanctuary here

Bag/Tote: PHC will provide you with a tote bag to carry all of your essentials like a hair brush, mirror, and light makeup. You will leave your bag outside of the houses during parties. We suggest tying a colored ribbon, string, or tag to your bag to identify it.

Peacock umbrella, $42, The Keeping Room.

Umbrella & Rain Jacket: You never know when it will rain or you will just need some shade. Shop this umbrella from The Keeping Room here. 

Deodorant: It’s hot on the row, you’re going to sweat!

Handheld Fan: This does wonders in the still heat.

Lavender sandals, $50, Edit by LBP.

Flip Flops: Bring a comfortable pair of shoes to

change into before and after your parties.

Shop this pair from Edit here.

Breath Mints: Just to help freshen up and feel your best.

In addition, the inRegister team would recommend adding these items to your packing list:

Vitamin C: Sickness during rush week is inevitable, but you can still be prepared!

Dry Shampoo: As PHC states, you’ll be sweating on the row, and dry shampoo isn’t just useful for soaking up grease. It will also help keep your hair looking fresh and full of volume.

Small Snack: While PHC will provide some snacks, you never know what your schedule will be and if you’ll have time. Be sure to pack some of your favorites for a pick-me-up between parties.