Photos by Rae Flowers Photography.

Spritz & Sprinkle: A sweet Italian summer-themed baby shower

Life is full of surprises, and for Kristen and Mark Cascio, their surprise pregnancy was one of the sweetest life could offer. “While this baby is a huge blessing, it still came as quite a shock since we thought we were done having children years ago,” Kristen says of her two daughters, Charlotte Cate and Eloise, who are 11 and 14.

Continuing with the sweet surprises, the couple is waiting until Baby Cascio arrives to find out the gender. So, to keep the shower gender-neutral, they chose an Italian summer theme complete with an Aperol orange and limoncello yellow color palette.

While Kristen has a knack for creative party planning, she says it was her hostesses, Currie Mullins, Erin Lambert, Stefanie Cascio, Julie Leak and Colleen Ottinger, who masterfully executed the event.

“They included me in the detailed planning,” she says. “I’m a self-taught graphic designer and stationer, so I designed the invitation suite, which was also carried over in other party details.”

From there, the group assembled an Italian spritz mood board to keep the theme consistent throughout every aspect of the party, no matter how small.

“Details are what make a party,” Kristen explains. “They set the tone to carry out the theme and are what guests will remember afterward. It’s through the creation of small details that the magic of an event truly comes to life.”

Rather than a typical daytime event, the Cascios decided to hold their party in the evening to make it feel more like a celebration with friends and family.

“My first baby shower was over 14 years ago, and that felt a lot more traditional with just women,” Kristen explains. “But I knew I wanted to include my husband, our girls, and all of the great friends we’ve made throughout our marriage.”

Being that this pregnancy comes 11 years after their last newborn, the couple was fresh out of baby gear. But what they do have is two built-in babysitters in their older daughters, as well as a fresh take on the infant stage and parenting as a whole.

“Being an older mom, this go-round comes with a new perspective,” she says. “I think I’ll be even more relaxed and savor all the stages so much more, knowing just how fleeting they are.”