Photo courtesy AnnLian Boutique.

Local boutique AnnLian releases recruitment collection

After previously being only an online destination, Taylor Paysse opened the doors to AnnLian’s first storefront location this spring, just blocks away from LSU’s campus. As a former sorority girl, Paysse saw the ideal opportunity to bring local girls a collection of dresses ready for recruitment–and plenty of other events afterward–all under $100.

“The dresses I chose for this collection can be worn on so many occasions past recruitment, basically any event you’ll need to dress up for,” Paysse says. And there will be many, many events at the start of college.

“Within the collection, there are a lot of florals, tiered dresses, ruffles and eyelet fabric which is all very in style at the moment,” Paysse says, explaining that her favorites are the Camille crochet green mini dress and the Francesca French toile blue dress, both pictured below.

Paysse notes that much has changed since we went through recruitment back in 2019. “I always thought you just dress as modest as possible, but that’s definitely not the case anymore,” she says. “We have a few strapless and midi dress options in the collection, and I feel like that would have hardly been seen a few years ago. Things are different now!”

When it comes to giving advice to girls for picking out their recruitment outfits, Paysse says to pick a style that’s not only comfortable to wear, but something you feel comfortable wearing. “Your outfit should be a reflection of your personality, and the girls rushing you will remember you better if that’s the case,” she explains.

Stop by AnnLian at 4250 Burbank Drive, Suite 108, to get a styling session for recruitment with Taylor Paysse, or shop the collection online now