Custom throw pillows are key to effortless interior transformations

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Giving a home a fresh look doesn’t mean changing everything. Often, working with what you have while switching up some key pieces can make a world of difference — and having an expert by your side can make decorating a much less daunting task.

“Rarely do people want to change everything,” says Shane Griffin, of MARCH by Shane Griffin. “They want to change a few things. So we look at what they have and select fabrics that we think work for them.”

Griffin provides full design services, helping clients refresh rooms with new décor like drapery and pillows. He also manages remodels — particularly kitchens and bathrooms — and works with clients building new homes on the design process and selection of furnishings and treatments.

So where to begin? For a simple way to breathe new life into a room, Griffin suggests swapping out those throw pillows sitting on your furniture. Incorporating pillows with different colors and unique patterns can instantly change the feel of a space.

Griffin makes custom pillows for his clients, choosing fabrics to match their décor. For customers wanting a do-it-yourself approach, Griffin is rolling out a semi-custom pillow program at his Jefferson Highway storefront, which is filled with an array of timeless home accessories.

“We have eight to 10 fabric choices with about 20 different trim choices,” Griffin says. “People can go into the store and mix and match to design their own pillows.”

Versatility is the name of the game with Griffin’s pillows.

“All of our pillows have zippers,” he says. “So once you have that insert, you can change your pillows out seasonally if you want. You just unzip, put a new cover on and change the look. It’s a low-cost way to elevate your space.”

For those with a larger-scale update in mind, Griffin offers custom drapery and can help rearrange existing furnishings and pick out new pieces.

These decorating projects are more attainable than many people realize, he says.

“We work within all budgets,” he says. “When people hear things like custom drapery, they automatically think it’s super expensive. It really depends on the fabric and the trim you pick. It can be $10-a-yard fabric and look fantastic.”

Griffin strives to help clients nail the look they’re seeking as quickly and with as little stress as possible. With years of experience, he sees the potential in almost any space and instinctively knows which items can enhance it.

“A lot of people know in theory what they want,” he says. “They just have a little trouble putting it together.”

Griffin traces his knack for re-envisioning spaces back to his childhood when his mother redecorated his bedroom.

“We were taking it from a little kid room to a room for me as I got older,” he recalls. “I can remember thinking, ‘This looks so good. This is really cool.’ I’ve always liked it.”

For Griffin, seeing the before-and-after transformations of clients’ homes is a rewarding experience.

“There’s nothing better than seeing it come together,” he says. “Going in and seeing the space that it is, immediately in my head, I can start seeing what it should be — and seeing it come to pass is the best part.”

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