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Most know that the classic “one-size-fits-all” saying is rarely a size that truly fits everyone. The same is true for your home. Life is a journey with many phases that are all uniquely wonderful. The Front Door specializes in helping your family through each of those eras with ease. Working with clients for starter homes, custom family homes, and downsized living homes, The Front Door can create your dream home that is just right for you, right now.

The Front Door Design Studio, headed by architect, Dwayne Carruth, is a full-service residential architecture firm than can help you through the exciting process of designing your next home – regardless of what phase of life you’re headed. The Front Door takes a client-centric approach to each project that will guide you through the many decisions and navigate you in your own direction.

While they service every sized home, there is no question that the demographic is changing and the number of homeowners in the over 50 age group is increasing.  As a result, The Front Door has gained a tremendous amount of experience with helping owners transition to this next phase – both emotionally and spatially. The needs of this buyer are uniquely different, and in many ways, far more complex.  Making this transition without the guidance of professionals can leave homeowners with issues that they never knew could occur.  That’s where the experience of The Front Door comes into play.

Dwayne and his wife Trina, have recently transitioned into this phase of life. With two children, both grown, they found themselves with too much space and too much stuff. After helping so many others with the transition of downsizing, the couple decided to take on the adventure for themselves. Like most homeowners that downsize, their list of requirements were very similar to others – low maintenance, accessible, easy, and smaller.

For many homeowners, this is the largest transition in their housing needs – and likely the most permanent. The ability to bring the sentimentality of a lifetime of experiences and collections is very important – something that The Front Door understands deeply.  “We’ve spent a lifetime collecting artwork, photos and family treasures – there’s no need to ditch it all just because it doesn’t fit,” said Carruth. While a number of things won’t make the move, the important things are a must. Considering the wall space required, storage requirements, and furniture layouts are all critical in this process.

Beyond the “things” that homeowners bring, the transitions in physical needs are likely the most important considerations.  Most downsize houses have fewer bedrooms, more accessible baths, better closets (for all those “treasures”) and always a home office – sometimes two. “The older we get, the more we like our own space,” said Carruth. The simple considerations of accessibility like wider doors, minimal floor transitions, and more thoughtful layouts can truly transform a house for a couple of empty nesters. At The Front Door, they help homeowners navigate this process for their own personal needs.

If you’re ready to make your next move and enjoy every part of the process, explore The Front Door’s approach to crafting timeless homes that seamlessly blend functionality and style.

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