Upgrade your lifestyle with a warm, inviting outdoor space

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Even before he graduated from college, Chris Sanderson was taking his first steps to a successful career. Sanderson formed his own company, EcoRegions Landscape Architecture and Outdoor Construction in 2012 with a focus on small-scale projects. But it didn’t stay small.

Today, EcoRegions is known for stunning pools, patios, and outdoor kitchen designs that redefine outdoor living. Sanderson helps clients transform their outdoor spaces with furniture, landscaping, lighting, fire features, shade structures, fountains and more to create their own little slice of heaven.

“An outdoor space can really change your quality of life,” Sanderson says. “We love seeing clients enjoy spending time with family and friends in a new space that’s visually pleasing, but also comfortable, practical, and connected to nature. We show clients how to pull together colors, textures, and styles to create a warm, inviting ambiance.”

Adding or designing an outdoor space has many benefits. It increases the resale value of your home, provides additional living space, and has great potential for entertaining and hosting special events.

From initial concept to final product, Sanderson’s team focuses on quality, beauty, and functionality. Being a licensed residential contractor and a licensed landscape architect have given him and his team the expertise and experience necessary to take clients from dream to reality.

The first step to creating an outdoor living space is to decide how it will be used. Is it built around a special feature such as a swimming pool or garden? Will it be used for parties and celebrations or is it meant to be a quiet, reflective, meditative space? Will it include dining and cooking areas? Sanderson’s team meets with clients to create detailed conceptual plans and construction design packages that fit their vision and their budget.

Sanderson says 2023 was his busiest year so far. “I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years now and growth has been steady,” he says. “I’ve succeeded by maintaining strong relationships with customers and particularly with others in the industry.”

Sanderson invites clients to visit his website at eco-regions.com to browse the photo gallery and see his work. EcoRegions is located at 4667 Bluebell Dr. in Baton Rouge. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 225.328.8298. You can also find EcoRegions on Facebook and Instagram.

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