Design Trend: Mirrors in unconventional places

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Yes, mirrors reflect light and ultimately make a space feel larger. However, beyond these well-known uses, there’s numerous unconventional placements for mirrors that can significantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of a home. Embark on a journey as M&M Glass dives into the numerous ways to maximize the potential of mirrors in your home décor.

Robert Mitchell founded M&M Glass in 1984 as a company specializing in installing affordable, high-quality shower doors. Over the years, the company expanded its offerings to include a wide variety of glasswork and mirrors. Today, customers across south Louisiana have realized their dream homes thanks to M&M’s impeccable craftsmanship and superior service. There is a major mirror trend spreading across south Louisiana and M&M Glass is here to showcase spaces where they have installed mirrors in unconventional places and spaces.

Beautiful Backing

Whether you’re sprucing up an old bookshelf or reimagining a space and incorporating floating shelves, this design will take your space to the next level. Who needs conventional shelves? This game-changing mirror brings books and decor to life, floods the space with light, and breathes new life into the room’s aesthetic. Strategically placed mirrors not only highlight the beauty of the books and decorative items, but also amplifies the available light, creating a stunning and airy ambiance.

Breathtaking Backsplash

The real magic of mirrors unfolds in surprising places, like your very own kitchen! A strategically placed mirror in this bustling hub can unlock a world of style, light, and unexpected perks. Imagine the sun setting, casting a warm glow across your culinary haven reflected in a large, decorative mirror above the backsplash. Suddenly, meal prep becomes a photoshoot-worthy affair. Silver shines brightest and amplifies natural light and pairs effortlessly with any color scheme. Not to mention, it visually expands your space and even disguise’s the kitchen when not in use.

Abstract Art

Abstract art’s vibrant colors and dynamic shapes practically beg to be reflected, and what better surface than a gleaming mirror? The mirrored canvas doubles the visual impact, creating an immersive and mesmerizing experience. Imagine a bold, geometric abstraction reflected across a living room wall, transforming the space into a kaleidoscope of light and color.

M&M Glass offers customers an extensive range of mirror options, providing the freedom to carefully choose the perfect mirror and custom frame for their space. For those seeking professional advice, M&M Glass offers free on-site consultations with their knowledgeable sales and design professionals. What’s more, M&M Glass boasts the only state-of-the-art beveling machine and polisher for glasswork in the Baton Rouge area. The custom mirror shop on-site cuts, polishes, bevels, and frames mirrors to perfection, catering to a diverse array of design preferences.

The M&M Showroom, located at 13429 S. Choctaw in Baton Rouge, proudly serves south Louisiana. Remarkably, M&M Glass does not charge a travel fee within the markets they serve, making their expertise and quality products easily accessible. For more information and to explore the possibilities of transforming your space, visit Elevate your home with M&M Glass—where satisfaction is guaranteed on every product.

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