A guide to vintage finds and unique home décor

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In the realm of home décor, the allure of vintage finds and unique pieces hold a timeless charm. Shane Griffin, the creative force behind March and owner of Shane Griffin Designs, crafts distinctive spaces that transcend mere decoration. With a background steeped in estate sales and New York City vintage markets, Griffin’s passion has emerged into March—a curated retail space and design studio located in the Bocage Village Shopping Center off Jefferson Highway.

When it comes to selecting unique or vintage pieces, Griffin places a strong emphasis on establishing a personal connection with the client. He shares, “Ideally, the item would have some type of personal meaning or connection with the client. Other than that, it’s really about finding items you love!”

Griffin’s preferred sources of one-of-a-kind finds are as electric as his designs. He’s most esteemed pieces usually come from antique stores, estate sales, and even junk yards. Inspiration for Griffin’s designs stems from the past as he often finds himself trying to modernize older concepts. The studio actually began as a place for Griffin to store all of his treasured finds. Then, once the influx became too large, he figured he’d open up the space to share with the rest of the world.

As for eras and styles that captivate Griffin, he confesses, “I’m drawn to Asian-inspired pieces as well as Hollywood regency and vintage Palm Springs.” A testament to Griffin’s expertise lies in a project where he seamlessly integrated vintage elements. “I had a client with her grandmother’s vintage lamps that were dated. We added an acrylic base and lacquered drum shade. The juxtaposition of antique and modern elements made them incredibly unique,” he said.

Achieving cohesion in diverse designs is an art. The theory behind March is to mix the old with the new. Using colors that blend well will really add cohesion to the space. “If it’s all old, you can get a little too old lady vibe going,” Griffin advises.

Navigating the integration of existing pieces and introducing new ones during a project is an intuitive process for Griffin. “Usually, when I begin a project, there will be a piece or two that jumps out at me,” he explains. Griffin centers his design process around those few star pieces, and then builds the design from there.

When it comes to infusing a space with unique or vintage elements, Griffin explains that the creativity is truly endless. “If it’s a piece that speaks to you and you love it, it will work into the design. There are no rules. If you commit to it and own it, it usually works.”

March isn’t merely a store; it’s Griffin’s vision manifested. Griffin describes the company’s style as a bit masculine, quirky, timeless, and collected. When you walk into the design studio, an immersive experience awaits. Griffin assures, “Customers can expect to find color, pattern, great music, and good vibes.”

Embark on a journey into the world of vintage finds and unique décor. Rooted in personal connections, eclectic sourcing, and a touch of modernization, Griffin’s philosophy provides a roadmap for transforming living spaces into timeless, collected expressions of individual style. Experience March and discover the unique treasures that await.

For more information, visit website or storefront in the Bocage Village Shopping Center at 7627 Jefferson Highway.

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