Home of Kristopher Novak and Lauren Perry. Photo by Paul Costello.

Take a seat at the table of some of our favorite dining rooms from over the years

In this era of open floor plans and casual eating, one might make the argument that dining rooms are quickly becoming a remnant of the past, soon to be banished from homes’ blueprints. But within the past few years, a strong case still stands for the beauty and function of formal dining spaces, proving that age-old tradition never really goes out of style. Grasping the chance to play up these oft-overlooked corners of the house, we’re taking notes from some of our favorite dining rooms found in inRegister over the past few years and sharing their bounty below:

Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

Through Laura Roland’s Garden District home’s bay window, sunlight floods the dining room and bounces off the vintage travertine dining table highlighting each and every detail of the designer’s beloved antiques. From the 1930s Art Deco dining chairs to the Murano glass chandelier, pieces found in this dining room give the space character—something completely unique and personal to Roland.

Photo by Laurey Glenn.

Ashley Gilbreath’s stunning dining room’s design wasn’t a fluke. The mixture of mahogany with lighter elements was a forethought the interior designer played with even before the finishing touches were completed on this Montgomery, Alabama, home. To keep from becoming “that room with all the dark wood furniture,” Gilbreath brought in elements like the contemporary white table, Southern-inspired cane-back chairs and a teardrop crystal chandelier to keep things light and airy.

Photo by Jessie Preza.

Every little nook and cranny is accounted for in Katie and Rob Mason’s renovated Bocage dining room. From the lacquered ceiling to the Japanese magnolia-motif wallpaper to the silk drapes, this dining room designed by Rachel Cannon Limited feels like a step into a storybook, with pops of garden greens and florals to showcase Katie’s love for all things blooming and bright.

Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

There’s something so delicately elegant and playful about this dining room designed by Meghann Landry of McMillin Interiors that continues to catch our attention years after Sandra and Bill Balhoff moved into this Greek Revival-style home. Subtly paying homage to Art Deco style, a two-tier crystal-beaded chandelier hangs triumphantly over the dining room table with enough seats to accommodate the Balhoffs’ large family. The addition of customized, hand-painted Gracie wallpaper is the cherry on top of a room that exudes regency charm.

Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

Quiet creams seem to be the palette of choice in Jan and John Ponson’s Country Club of Louisiana home. With few updates as the home changed hands over the years, the Ponsons saw this diamond in the rough as the perfect opportunity to give the fairway home a personalized touch. The neutral-toned dining room flows with the home’s soft, monochromatic interiors, making it a space both calming and inviting.

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