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Take the chaos out of your closet by clearing out the clutter

A new season is on the horizon. And, with the change in weather—or at least, mindset—means a change in wardrobe. But, before you add new pieces to an already exploding closet, it’s important to minimize your items, so you can maximize your space.

But, first, you have to understand what your closet consists of. The founder and CEO of Chaos Organizing Martha-Carol Stewart says her best tip for closet organization is categorizing. “You don’t know what you have if you can’t find it,” she says. “When you categorize your clothes, you will notice when you have an over or under abundance of an item.”

Stewart notes that the key to a neat and orderly space is minimizing the number of items brought in.

“Less is more. Make sure what’s in your closet is what you’re actually wearing—not just clothes you’re storing to wear one day,” Stewart says. “When closet space is tight, stick to the timeless, classic basics for your clothes and use accessories to stay on trend.”

That’s what we’ve been advocating for months—from our break down of low-key luxury in April to our August issue’s style section. The timeless clothing trend Stewart mentions has only grown since then, and for good reason. These are pieces that will always be on trend; they’ll save you time, money and closet space. So say goodbye to those pieces that were trending back in 2014 and look ahead to 2024 with a closet full of classic looks.

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