Works from the LSU Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Photos by Les Petits Bijoux Photography

The quiet luxury trend is turning fast fashion on its head

You might have noticed a shift in celebrities’ looks as of late. They’re wearing less neon latex and more neutral linen, and it isn’t just because of the heat wave. Rather, it’s a move to a less-flashy style, dubbed “quiet luxury.”

Sophia Richie is one of the it girls of this trend, especially following her Chanel-laden wedding in the south of France. But the Olsen twins were some of the first, with their label The Row embodying the chic simplicity that defines the style.

You don’t have to go to New York to channel it, though. Sourcing from six local boutiques, we found pieces right here in Baton Rouge that marry quality, style and minimalism. Modeled by Sydnie Larkins in downtown’s LSU Museum of Art, these classic silhouettes speak to the versatility and effortless chicness of quiet luxury.

Follow Suit

Out of the Blue

Short Cut

Girl with the Pearls

Going Green

Gold Standard

LSU Museum of Art

Prior to moving to the Shaw Center for the Arts in 2005, the LSU Museum of Art was just a small room in the Memorial Tower on LSU’s campus, first opening in 1962. The museum now has over 13,000 square feet of exhibition space and a permanent collection consisting of over 6,500 objects focusing on the art and culture of Louisiana. It annually serves over 20,000 visitors, and also acts as a unique venue space.

Opening this month, on August 3, is “African American Masterworks from the Paul R. Jones Collection at The University of Alabama.” The exhibition features a portion of the pieces amassed by Jones over the years thanks to his dedication to seeing greater representation of Black artists in museums throughout the United States. The show will be on view through December 3.