In addition to the tips, our most-read "Interiors" feature of 2018 was our July story about the home of Sandra and Bill Balhoff. Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

The 5 most-clicked ‘Designer Tips’ of 2018

This past year has been filled with expert interior design advice from designers across the Capital City. From kitchens to bedrooms and everything in between, we have covered the details big and small that make the most difference in any space. As we reflect on 2018, we took a look back at the tips that drew that most traffic. Click the headlines below to read the full stories:

Photo courtesy Allyson Hicks.

5. Allyson Hicks on hot kitchen hoods

Kitchen hoods have come a long way over the years. Making the jump from a strictly utilitarian look to custom designs fit for any style, Hicks says the large appliance is the perfect opportunity to create impact in a new or remodeled kitchen. In this tip, she talks about the styles and materials available, as well as the advantages of going custom.

Photo courtesy Claire Major.

4. Claire Major on mixing it up

For Major, interior design is all about experimentation. Combining styles, eras and an array of colors, she approaches spaces for herself and others with the goal of infusing the space with one-of-a-kind personality. In this tip, she walks us through the process of creating a collected but pulled-together space.

Photo courtesy Aimee Walker.

3. Aimee Walker on the power of paint

Nothing transforms a space like a fresh coat of paint. However, according to Walker, choosing the best color is no simple task. In this tip, Walker runs through her go-to tips for seeing beyond the stack of paint chips.

Photo courtesy Sarah Cooper.

2. Sarah Cooper on cutting out clutter

Cooper hasn’t always been obsessed with clutter. However, when she would enter clients’ spaces to present a new design idea, she realized it was impossible to picture the new amid the overwhelming mess of the old. Inspired and intrigued, Cooper jumped into the de-clutter business, researching the psychological reasons behind the need to acquire so many things. In this tip, Cooper explores the historical reasons behind the compulsion for clutter, as well as methods for tackling spaces, both physical and digital.

Photo courtesy Dan Bergeron.

1. Dan Bergeron on the mirror effect

According to Bergeron, mirrors are the interior designer’s best friend. Capturing natural light or changing the apparent size of a space, he says the devices of illusion have the power to transform a space through a simple trick of the eye. In this tip, Bergeron explains the secrets behind the use of the mirror.

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