Photo courtesy Allyson Hicks.

Designer tip: Allyson Hicks on hot kitchen hoods

Once just a utilitarian aspect of any kitchen, the vent hood, also known as a cooking canopy, has been transformed into a show-stopping element of interior design in kitchens across the Capital City. Just ask designer Allyson Hicks of Allyson Hicks Design Consulting, LLC.

“The hood vent has become the center of attention more so than ever before,” she explains, adding that with the vent taking up such a large section of wall in any kitchen space, the eye is inevitably drawn up. “With many more choices available today, this functional item has become more of a work of art.”

Using elements such as zinc, copper, wood, stone and stainless steel, companies like Custom Iron by Josh (one of Hicks’ favorites) work with designers and homeowners to make the hoods the perfect centerpieces for any style.

“I often spend more time on the specifics of a hood than any other decorative selection in the kitchen,” says Hicks, noting that materials like zinc can be incorporated into a modern or transitional style based on the shapes and colors used. “If done properly, it can set the tone for the room.”

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