Aimee Walker was able to establish a classic farmhouse theme through the use of paint. Photos courtesy of Aimee Walker Interiors.

Designer tip: Aimee Walker on the power of paint

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but interior designer Aimee Walker swears by the belief that colors are worth more. Here, Walker shares her insight on the possibilities a fresh coat of paint has for your home and how to choose the right one.

“One of the simplest ways to update your home is with paint,” says Walker. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on art and furniture to alter the feel of your abode, changing the color of your walls is a powerful alternative to achieve the look you want. When choosing a paint color, Walker maintains that different colors are associated with different emotions. “Soft blues or greens tend to calm, while bright reds or oranges energize.”

To find the perfect color, consider lighting. “Lighting in a room will affect paint colors,” says Walker. “Be sure to look at your samples in the room that you are painting. Also look at the color at different times of day and night.”

While color sets the mood for a room, the paint’s finish has the ability to establish its theme. “White paint in a high-gloss finish will give a more modern or contemporary feel,” says Walker, “whereas the same color in a satin or matte finish will work well with a farmhouse style.”

As fast as trends come and go, a change in paint color just might be the most efficient way to keep your home on trend. Adds Walker, “Don’t underestimate its power.”

To see more of Walker’s work, visit her website here.