The Pearl Anniversary: The watercolor artists behind the landmark issue

Illustration by Terri Dakmak.

For three decades, inRegister magazine has spotlighted the very best of the best—the spectacular events, worthy causes, fabulous homes, amazing weddings and divine cuisine in this community. But it is the people of Baton Rouge that make our city so special. Our 30th anniversary issue is dedicated to the men and women of the Capital City who make this area a vibrant place to live.

And because pearls are the traditional gift for a 30th anniversary, we had some fun embracing this theme for our September issue. We incorporated watercolor illustrations—a nod to the sea—throughout the magazine. These paintings by local artists reinforce the classic essence of the pearl.

Keep scrolling for a look at each of the works, as well as more information about the artists themselves.

Illustration by Terri Dakmak.

TERRI DAKMAK‘s love for watercolor started in her early 20s. She believes no other medium can compare to what happens when your brush, loaded with paint, touches the paper. Magic always happens, she says, with every stroke!

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Illustration by Life as Paper.
Illustration by Life as Paper.

LIFE AS PAPER is a Baton Rouge-based company offering custom invitations and paper goodies featuring their original watercolors. The owners are three sisters—Niki Hopkins, Keller Wilson and Caroline Holcomb—who love celebrating all of life’s special moments with their customers.

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Illustration by Laura Welch Taylor.

LAURA WELCH TAYLOR has been painting for Baton Rouge since graduating from LSU in 2013. She now paints live portraits at weddings on the weekends and paints in her in-home studio during the week while taking care of her son and daughter.

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Illustration by Kakie Molesini.
Illustration by Kakie Molesini.

KAKIE MOLESINI is a Louisiana native and LSU fine arts graduate. She grew up spending summers in her father’s hometown of Cortona, Italy, where her mother attended art school. She works as an organizer for AB Organizing and creates artwork for clients during her off time. She works with watercolor, acrylics and multimedia.

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Illustration by Carrie Griffin.

CARRIE GRIFFIN is a watercolorist and owner of Carrie Griffin Design, a Baton Rouge-based interior design studio. She specializes in residential interiors and hand-drawn renderings for her clients and other designers.

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Illustration by Mary Kathryn Bledsoe.
Illustration by Mary Kathryn Bledsoe.

MARY KATHRYN BLEDSOE is a Louisiana-based designer with a passion for the graphic arts and illustration. She enjoys expressing her creativity in her position as marketing director for a regional restaurant group. In her spare time, she loves to create and design for her freelance business MK Bledsoe Designs.

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Illustration by Carrie & Seash.

CARRIE & SEASH was launched by Carrie Barnes and Seashols Poppler, a mother and daughter team, in July 2017. They are based in Baton Rouge and are a client-focused custom art and design company.

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