Kristin Blackstone Britt, 2011 inRegister Weddings issue. Photo by Jennifer Lindberg.

Unforgettable: Weddings that wowed us

Weddings have long filled the pages of inRegister magazine, and for good reason. The celebrations put on display the best of what Baton Rouge has to offer, as well as the Southern traditions that have stayed alive over the years.

“Weddings are huge social events,” says inRegister founding editor Chris Russo Blackwood. “We knew from our days at the newspaper that couples wanted more than just a standard wedding announcement—they wanted to highlight the special details that made their big day unique. They wanted to go beyond a single photo. We loved being able to do that—to share the details of those special days.”

Originally included in every issue, as wedding features became longer and were tailored to focus on the inspirational details, they were consolidated to large sections in the January and June issues. In 2011, the first standalone inRegister Weddings issue was released in June, setting a precedent for the years to come. This year, a new tradition is being started, with paid wedding announcements available to ensure that even more Baton Rouge couples will be featured.

Click on the photos in the galleries below for a closer look at some of the most memorable photos from past inRegister issues. And for more details about the 2020 inRegister Weddings issue, click here.



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