Yolo Board/Modus Photography

Shore Things: Summer adventures at and beyond the water’s edge

If there’s one thing we know for sure about summer in the Deep South, it’s that it’s hot outside. Really, hot isn’t the word for it. Scorching, sizzling, sweltering, oven-like all come to mind, but whatever we call it, it’s obvious that standing around in the sun as beads of sweat trickle down our backs is no way to live. So we’ve set our sights on a summer on the water—where the breeze on a boat, the salty Gulf waves, or even the chlorinated comfort of a hotel pool are guaranteed to cool us down. Grab your sunscreen and a mai tai and join us on the featured stories below for an exploration of H20-focused hotspots both here in Louisiana and all around the South. Click the images to read the full stories.

Photo by Cathy Smart

Photo courtesy Viking

Photo by Modus Photography

Photo courtesy Four Seasons Hotel