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ICYMI: inRegister’s most-clicked stories from May

In our outdoorsy June issue, we talk travel, nature art and cultural exhibitions, all in celebration of the first full month of summer. But with May not too far behind us, we thought we’d pop back in on some of our most popular stories.

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5. A Knock Knock Children’s Museum pro talks playroom must-haves

They say that the first few years of a child’s development can lay the groundwork for adulthood, which means that even the most basic of toys and activities can make a big difference in ensuring a creative and fulfilling little life. In this roundup, the staff of the Knock Knock Children’s Museum lays out some fundamental favorites.

4. These are the houseplants even a brown thumb can keep alive

Some plants require a good gulp of water almost every single day, while others seem to thrive for months without moisture. If you’ve ever experienced the bafflement that comes from your leafy companions that fall anywhere in between, then this selection of fail-safe houseplants from Louisiana NurseryBaton Rouge Succulent Co.Clegg’s Nursery and Local Leaf Gallery will help your home bloom.

3. Great Estates: Luxury homes at the top of the local real estate market

Baton Rouge may not be known for Malibu mansions or exorbitant NYC penthouses, but it still stocks a number of luxury homes that pop up on the (very exclusive) market now and then. This roundup gives all the details that go beyond curb appeal.

Home of Kristopher Novak and Lauren Perry. Photo by Paul Costello.

2. Take a seat at the table of some of our favorite dining rooms from over the years

Here at inRegister, we love a good space, especially if food and family are involved. From quirky wallpapers to family heirlooms to rustic finishes, each of these selections proves that these classic rooms are far from extinct in the modern home.

Photo by Aimee Broussard

1. This Cajun Bundt Cake recipe is straight out of Granny’s cookbook

This bundt recipe really takes the cake (ba dum tss) when it comes to our top stories from May. Maybe it’s the secret hint of pineapple, the pecans or the underrated pièce de résistance that is evaporated milk, but this sugary dessert from Aimee Broussard is on its way to becoming a bonafide classic.