These are the houseplants even a brown thumb can keep alive

Millennials may have made collecting houseplants one of the past few years’ biggest trends, but people of all generations are embracing the concept of bringing the outside in. Research says filling your rooms with greenery can not only improve air quality, it can also reduce stress and even boost productivity. It doesn’t take an expert to keep these plants thriving—just a little TLC—but we asked local botanical pros to share their favorite houseplants of the moment. 

Click on or hover over the plants in the image below for local plant experts’ thoughts on what makes these varieties outstanding, plus tips for keeping them healthy. And find out more about these local plant shops on their websites: Louisiana Nursery, Baton Rouge Succulent Co., Clegg’s Nursery, and Local Leaf Gallery.

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of inRegister.