Our cover stars Rebecca Klar, Julie Reynolds and Katie Schellack gave heart disease a face as they told their triumphant stories in honor of American Heart Month. Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes.

ICYMI: Reader favorite stories from February

While February is the shortest month of the year, it was still packed with plenty of memorable stories in inRegister. From American Heart Month to the 10-year challenge, 2019 is proving to be a year of both reflection and revolution. And while we are excited for the months to come, we wanted to take one last look at the stories you clicked on most in the past month. Click the titles below to read the full stories:

5. Ten-year challenge: An update on some of our 2009 cover stars

Already in the rearview, the 10-year challenge was one of 2019’s first social media trends. With this year marking another milestone for inRegister, as we celebrate 30 years, we took a look back at some of 2009’s most memorable moments. Read the full story here.

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4. We tried yoga in the LSU Museum of Art galleries

What’s better than a relaxing yoga session surrounded by art? Lately, our team has been working to find even more one-of-a-kind experiences around Baton Rouge that offer the chance to see even more of what the city and the community have to offer. In this story, we went all in with the LSU Museum of Art’s newest program, which allows guests to enjoy exhibitions in a whole new way. Read the full story here.

“Troop Beverly Hills” (1989). Photo via The Mary Sue.

3. Troop Baton Rouge: Local camps that offer unique and educational experiences

In anticipation for the school-free summer days that lie ahead, we rounded up some local camps for all ages to help readers get a jump on the competitive registration scene. From well-known favorites to brand-new sessions, these camps cover themes from horseback riding to chemistry. Read the full story here.

Os Liber Press’ debut publication was released in September. Photo courtesy Os Liber Press.

2. Brains behind the bones: Meet the creators of ‘Claire Carter, Bone Detective’

Forensic anthropology meets Louisiana culture meets children’s books. Locals Mary Manhein and Leah Wood Jewett have joined forces to bring a new concept to the kids’ literature market. Drawing inspiration from her own background in science, Manhein writes the tales, while Jewett, exhibitions coordinator at the LSU Libraries, brings the words to life through illustration. We sat down with the pair to learn more about their publishing company, Os Liber Press, LLC, the future of the Claire Carter series, as well as what it’s like to work together. Read the full story here.

Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes.

1. Heart to heart: Katie Shellack on a heart of stone

Our February cover star Katie Shellack’s first-person story was the most-clicked article last month. Recounting her own battle with heart disease, she, as well as Julie Reynolds and Rebecca Klar, went public in honor of American Heart Month to show the real face of the silent killer. Read Shellack’s full story here. And check out Reynolds’ and Klar’s stories here and here.

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