Baton Rouge Best Dressed Ball board members Tonya Toups Gautreau, Michelle Lanoix, Brooke Bickley and Chantelle Larussa. Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes.

From the ‘inRegister’ archives: Fundraisers go virtual in light of COVID-19

Baton Rouge’s annual Best Dressed Ball event, a celebration of fashion to benefit the American Cancer Society, came to a standstill after the threat of COVID struck earlier this year. How would the larger-than-life event continue in the face of ever-changing restrictions? To keep the altruism going strong in a year that needed it most, the event underwent a serious production change to adapt to the reality of stay-at-home orders and social distancing mandates, allowing the Best Dressed team to reevaluate their methods of fundraising and reflect on their ultimate mission: raising donations for ACS.

However, the Best Dressed team wasn’t the only group facing challenges. With distancing mandates in full effect, fundraisers for all nonprofits were driven to online versions, forcing everyone to reimagine the events themselves. From days-long virtual auctions to cocktail hours led remotely by local bartenders, local groups showed how getting creative can have real impact, as all of the nonprofits mentioned in this story from the inRegister‘s August issue reached fundraising goals despite distance from their donors.

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