The Your Friends' Closet Sale will feature a rack of fabulous fur coats at discount prices.

A fashionista’s fantasy: Your Friends’ Closet Sale this weekend

Note: This sale has been rescheduled and will take place Sunday, November 5.

It’s every fashion lover’s dream: Standing in a room, surrounded by clothes. Beautiful clothes in every color, every style. The choices unlimited, the costs unimportant, the possibilities endless. This Sunday, October 8, entertain those fantasies and join Friends of the LSU Textile & Costume Museum for its 11th annual “Your Friends’ Closet Sale.”

This array of vintage hats will be available for purchase at the sale.

Tobie Blanchard, assistant director of communications for the LSU AgCenter, says she attends almost every year. “The sale is always full of treasures—last year they had an entire wall of Ferramago and other Italian designer shoes,” she says. “Several years ago, I bought a Christian Dior winter dress coat for my son for $10, and, last year, I snagged an Armani suit for myself for less than $40!”

When customers first walk through the doors on Sunday, they’ll step into an accessory paradise—designer handbags, shoes in every color, vintage jewelry tempting them at every turn. Down the hall, they can wander through racks and racks of clothing straight from the closets of Baton Rouge’s own fashionistas.

Members of the community donate their gently used clothing and accessories to this cause all year long. While the museum appreciates donations of any size, some people donate big. Pointing to a crowded rack in the corner, fashion merchandising student Juwon Torregano shares that it is all from a single donor. “There are pieces from all over the world in there,” she says. “From Hong Kong and Scotland. She liked to travel a lot.”

A traditional Scottish woolen skirt, available at the sale.

Torregano, holding up a vintage ski suit, says big donations like these are fun. “They are like looking into a window of a person’s life, and that it is exciting to see the kind of people who end up taking their pieces home.”

This year’s sale certainly boasts an array of gems: a 1950s wedding dress, an ermine fur coat, a line of 1980s prom dresses, a Manuel Martinez suit for $10, and even custom LSU blue jeans. Museum curator Pamela Rabalais-Vinci says that every now and then, they even come across items unique enough to add to the museum’s collection.

Along with the more eccentric finds, customers will also be able to shop brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Armani.

Jeanne Triche, manager of the sale and board member of the Friends of LSU Textile and Costume Museum, will be there on Sunday to serve as stylist, especially in the vintage arena. She shared some of her talent with inRegister, transforming an old-fashioned dress into a statement piece simply by adding a belt and the right pair of shoes.

For the past 11 years, the sale has contributed significantly to funding renovations, conservation materials and continual curating for the LSU Textile and Costume Museum.

“With the money we made last spring, I was able to buy an Acadian hand-spun woven blanket to add to our Acadian collection,” says Rabalais-Vinci. “And those are rare.”

The sale will be held in the LSU Human Ecology Building at the corner of Tower Drive and South Campus Drive. Early-bird shopping will begin at 9 a.m. for a $20 entrance fee. General admission will begin at 10 a.m. for $10, and students with a valid ID can enter for $5. The sale will close at 3 p.m.

For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page. You can also email [email protected] or call 225-578-2281.