An assortment of oysters and shrimp at Jolie Pearl in Baton Rouge. Photo by Frank McMains.

From the March issue: Louisiana’s favorite mollusk

Louisiana is a state swamped in culinary tradition, from homemade sausage gumbo to Cajun-spiced étouffée. But in terms of foods that have made an especially big impact on the culture of the Pelican State, the oyster is MVP.

In Maggie Heyn Richardson’s article about the bivalves for our March issue, she explains the oyster’s centuries-long coastal influence since first being harvested here by native peoples before their discovery by European colonists. Compact and nutritious, the hearty creatures served as a quick and immediate source of protein for those strong enough to pry open its stony shell.

To learn about the restaurants that are serving up the top oysters in town, check out the article from our March issue, available on newsstands now.