Webb Park playground renovation

Residents of several neighborhoods are making it happen. Julie Perrault, Kelsey Funes and Corrie Hester formed the group Friends of Webb Park to raise private funds for improvements to the public Webb Park playground, run by BREC. Many in Glenmore Place, Steele Place, Westdale Heights, Capital Heights and surrounding areas are chipping in. This area is one of several in the community that are restoring their local park by supplementing public funds with private fundraising.

“We’ve been working with BREC on designs and asking neighbors for input,” says Perrault. “We began our fundraising in May with a neighborhood open house. Since then, more than 150 neighbors and concerned citizens have donated $84,000. That averages to more than $525 per family.”

Friends of Webb Park has almost reached its goal of $85,000 and plans to break ground on the new playground in spring of 2013. The group has shifted its fundraising strategy to hosting neighborhood events—including a wine walk in October that brought together 150 neighbors who sampled wine at participating houses on Longwood Drive.

“Our purpose has always been to improve the playground and surrounding area for neighborhood families to enjoy,” says Perrault. “We now see Friends of Webb Park evolving into a committee that plans annual neighborhood events like wine walks, picnics and more. While our neighborhood may lack clear dividing lines, it is full of wonderful neighbors committed to this area.”