Indian woman does facial mask at ayurveda spa.

Trend: Ayurveda treatments; Salad subscription service

Trend: Ayurveda treatments

A-list celebrities swear by practicing Ayurveda, a natural healing technique that’s nearly 5,000 years old. The traditional Hindu practice, once considered taboo, is making a comeback in India and the world over. Ayurveda, which means “life science” in the Indian language Sanksrit, aims to cleanse both the body and mind, ultimately refreshing the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the mind and body. Ayurveda can be practiced through a variety of mediums including yoga, facials and massages.

Salad subscription service

Fresh Junkie lovers, listen up. The shop is introducing a new salad subscription service that will allow customers to pick a plan to have fresh salads delivered for the entire week. Customers can choose from all of the salads on the menu, or make their own. Vegetarian options are available, too. Emily Desforges, shift manager for the Town Square location, says the subscriptions have been piling up. “It’s a great deal because you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to eat healthy for the week,” she says. “We take care of that for you.” If you sign up, you’re asked to send in orders by Friday for the following week. Delivery is available throughout Baton Rouge and some surrounding areas. For details, see their Facebook page. In addition to the delivery service, Fresh Junkie also recently added its salads to the menu lineup at The Big Squeezy.