The future of Fresina – New owners of the Italian specialties store are rejuvenating and expanding its business.

Tucked into a corner of a Drusilla Lane shopping center sits a slice of old Italy. Here gourmets can find homemade pasta as well as imported Italian products such as olive oils and sauces. Fresina Pasta Co. & Italian Specialties maintained a quiet following over the years, but a change in ownership has sparked new life within this local jewel.

Daniel Thompson and Robert D’Agostino, who met while working at Nottoway Plantation, took over the business in July from previous owner Frank Fresina.

Though D’Agostino says food connoisseurs adore the pasta, he’d like the product to be more readily available to the public. The business partners plan to market the company’s signature no-preservative pasta, which is handmade, to many high-end grocery stores.

Also on the menu: cooking classes, complete with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine tastings. The instructors are D’Agostino and Thompson themselves, who will teach guests how to make delectable three-course Italian dishes.

Thompson credits his mother, a home economics teacher, with instilling in him a love of fine foods. His enthusiasm for cuisine coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit bodes well for Fresina: The duo says they’re eyeing warehouse space and already making plans for expansion.

For now, Fresina Pasta Co. and Italian Specialties is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Find the pasta at Alexander’s Market, Red Stick Spice Co., and others.