[Sponsored] Over the river and through the woods: Bringing back the holiday road trip

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge


People are falling back in love with the American road trip. Life gets busy, and even people who live in the same house seem to lose touch sometimes. Taking a trip by car is a great way to reconnect and have some fun together. Forget the airports—dragging luggage around, waiting in long lines and feeling like herded cattle—it’s sometimes more pleasant to just pile in the car instead. Road trips give you a sense of freedom, traveling on your own time, stopping when and where you choose. Here Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge shares some tips to make the most of your holidays on the open road.



1. Keep packing light and strategic.

Resist the urge to pack all those “just in case” items. Instead, pretend you are taking a flight and keep the extras to a minimum. Each passenger should have a tote or backpack at their seat for stuff like magazines, books and electronics. The GLS is a dream to pack with its fully powered second and third-row seats.



2. Zero chance of boredom.

The GLS is equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s latest infotainment system, MBUX. It’s like your home smart speaker, but instead you just say, “Hey, Mercedes.”  Everyone loves the 64 colors of ambient lighting in the cabin and the GLS keeps every passenger comfortable with its four ventilated and massaging seats, heated third-row seats, and five-zone climate control.


3. Don’t forget the snacks.

What is it about driving that makes us so snacky? Pack water and a container of special snacks like granola bars, jerky, nuts, chips or cookies to limit the number of unplanned stops.


“We have five grandchildren. The captain’s chairs in the middle row make it so much easier to fit everyone around the car seats.”
—Luci Stabilier, Mercedes customer and GLS enthusiast

4. Everyone needs room to relax.

Most three-row SUVs aren’t actually designed to accommodate even one full-size adult in the third row, but the GLS is different. Both rear rows can be stowed or deployed at the touch of a button. Third-row passengers get their own switches, so they’re not dependent on the second-row passengers to free them from the way back. Thanks to the GLS’s higher roof height and wide seat space, even tall adults can comfortably ride in the third row.


5. Smart features keep the ride smooth, intuitively.

Electronic Active Body Control suspension (dubbed E-ABC) uses its camera to scan the road ahead and counteract hazards and larger bumps, proactively changing the suspension settings for each wheel individually before they hit a hazard. The GLS’ standard inline-six engine delivers turbocharging in a mild hybrid system. This means you get power when you need it, like for passing slower traffic or quickly merging onto a highway.


6. A tidy car is a happy car.

Nobody wants to spend hours sitting with empty snack wrappers and water bottles. Pack these items to help keep your car clean and your sanity intact.

—Paper towels for spills
—A small trash bag for each row of seats
—Wet wipes for sticky hands and faces
—Spray to keep the cabin fresh
—Face wipes to refresh your face and mood during the long drive
—Hand sanitizer for a quick clean before digging into snacks or after pumping gas


7. Prepare for the unexpected.

A basic first aid kit is a road trip must, but nobody wants to get stuck out there with car issues. Be sure to have the oil, fluids, filters, hoses and wipers checked before the trip. If you are due, schedule a tune-up. Whether it’s replacing a flat tire, delivering a jump start, or providing fuel if you run out, Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance can provide help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


When Luci’s daughter took a road trip to Austin, a concrete block flew off a truck and into her mom’s GLS. She was relieved when a voice came over the speaker, asked if she was ok, sent help and talked her through the next steps. Luci says, “I feel so much better knowing Mercedes help is in the car with us when there’s trouble.”

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Hit the road and enjoy the holidays this year.