Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon

Nestled in a grove of giant Sequoia trees, you can find a winery where a trio of sisters emphasizes traditional techniques and hands-on care in producing a Cabernet Sauvignon worthy of its Rutherford Valley appellation, the Napa provenance and the Kobrand name. The Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010, is a fine tribute to the women’s father: Rudolph Kopf, a 20-century guru of wines and spirits, and founder of the eminent Kobrand Corp. It’s also a lucky find for us. Delivering consummate prerequisites in aroma, flavor, color and density, this pure Cabernet Sauvignon is soft, smooth and powerful all at the same time. With a surprising complexity that belies its price, Sequoia Grove is gentle enough to serve alone but bold enough to stand up to the ?T-bone. It looks, pours and tastes like a Cult Cab, so the QPR is almost as good as a Saturday night victory in Tiger Stadium. Sequoia is served BTG at Portico Restaurant, where it pairs perfectly with this college town chain’s delightful brisket sandwich. Or pick up a bottle ($35) at Calandro’s as you prepare a tailgate spread. Guaranteed: Everyone will love this dark chocolate cherry lush black berry “Mr. Big.”

Scott Reis is a venture capitalist whose prior investments include Churchill’s Cigar and Wine Bar as well as Grand Cru Market and Wine Cellar. E-mail Scott at [email protected].