Not so common

In the months preceding the election, we endured everything from venomous attacks to righteous indignation emanating from all forms of media—some paid for, and some dispensed in the form of editorial rants. This type of constant exposure to negativity can adversely affect people emotionally and even physically. However, the breaking point for me came in the final hours of “election mania” while enjoying the LSU Tigers’ 59 minutes of domination against the Crimson Tide.

At halftime, the 400-member University of Alabama Million Dollar Band marched onto the field and, instead of the applause they deserved, were greeted with jeers and boos from a large contingency of Tiger fans. It was hard to discern exactly where this horrifying sound originated—some later said it was the student section—but it was loud enough to fill the stadium. Certainly the musicians could not distinguish its source. How would our Golden Band from Tigerland feel if its members marched onto an opposing field and were greeted in that disrespectful way? How would you feel?

It has been said that “Common sense is not so common.” I would add to that, common courtesy. Apparently, we need to have Jill Rigby Garner, founder of the Baton Rouge-based nonprofit Manners of the Heart, give manners training to all season ticket holders. Instead of paying for pom-poms for the fans in the stadium, perhaps a sponsor could print the “football fan code of ethics” on the Tiger towels for next season!

Falling on the positive side of the “not so common” category are the nine great ladies inRegister identifies in this year’s “Women with a Cause.” They are sure to help supercharge your positive passions. Be it animal welfare, the LSU School of Music or autism outreach, these women showcase tireless devotion. Their stories will inspire, amaze and encourage you to get involved or deepen your involvement in our community. It’s never too late to turn the page and begin a new chapter—in literature or in life!

The James family home, featured in these pages, epitomizes holiday décor inspiration. Mia James elegantly blends antiques and contemporary furnishings with cherished keepsakes and fresh greenery to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year.

My Christmas wishes for you:
• Be courteous while driving.
• Be present in the moment.
• Be thankful for at least three things every day.
• Turn off the electronics.
• Give time, money or both to a local nonprofit.