No place like home

Most inRegister readers receive the magazine in their homes. Some tell us that they pick it up and read it cover to cover, with a glass of wine in a favorite chair or out on their back porch, weather permitting. The morning folks consume the contents over a cup of coffee (probably from Keurig or Nespresso machines, judging by the emergence of these specialty coffees on store shelves). One reader confided that she picks up her copy about a dozen times, reading one story each time her husband tunes to something she prefers not to watch.

Whether read at home, in a coffee shop, doctor’s office or salon, one thing is certain: Our inRegister readers love to read about interesting people. nRegister is proud to cover the positive things happening in our area and spotlight the unique and often generous people who give back so much to our community. Often these days we find the people we feature are not Baton Rouge natives, or they have left and made the choice to return.

With almost limitless options as to where they would live upon retirement, Gerry and Don Daigle made this choice. After 43 years working with Exxon Mobil all around the world, the Daigles decided that their hearts were here, where much of their family resides. Their desire to give back was another major deciding factor; they felt they could make a difference in the Capital Region. And make a difference they have. A proponent of the “you rest you rust” philosophy, Don has jumped in with both feet and serves on the Our Lady of the Lake board, Baton Rouge Area Foundation civic leadership committee, and the Forever LSU campaign, to name just a few.

Read more about the Daigles’ giving back to our community, see their fabulous art-filled home, and be inspired by their story, beginning on page 18.

I hope as you enjoy these “dog days” of summer, you bear in mind that it is the small deeds that anybody can do on a daily basis that make the difference. To quote Aesop, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”