Louis Curet – … a person of character

CONSIDERING, he finishes strong. From an early age, his determination, perseverance and discipline have touched every endeavor that he undertakes. He makes things happen, and he does so with humility and grace.

CONSIDERING, he practiced law for 55 years with Sam D’Amico. He was president of the Baton Rouge Bar Association in the early 1970s, and he is still on the board of directors for the Supreme Court of Louisiana Historical Society, currently serving as membership chairman.

CONSIDERING, he is dedicated to the community and to serving those in need. He was a member of the board of directors for the Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation, the Society of St. Vincent De Paul and the Our Lady of the Lake Foundation. He is a long-standing member and former director of the Baton Rouge Foundation for Historical Louisiana. He’s been a member of the Baton Rouge Kiwanis Club since 1952.

CONSIDERING, he supported Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in its early years—the center’s namesake was in his law school class. When he and his late wife, Jean Harvey Curet, were both diagnosed with cancer, they were treated at the center. Their surgeries were 30 days apart. In memory of Jean, who succumbed to the disease, he has worked tirelessly—serving as chairman of the board for the center and for its foundation. He also co-chaired the capital campaign drive for the cancer center in 2004 and helped raise $2 million.

CONSIDERING, he has received the D. Jensen Holliday Memorial Award from the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. The Louis D. Curet Volunteer Fundraiser Award is named in his honor.

CONSIDERING, he is passionate about staying involved. “I can’t stand to be idle. I desire to meet people, know people and interact with others. If I’m going to be doing something, I might as well be doing something for others.”

CONSIDERING, he was the founder and first president of Friends of French Studies at LSU. For the last 12 summers he has traveled to France alone, rents a car and drives himself through the countryside.

CONSIDERING, he was inducted into the LSU Alumni Hall of Distinction. He was selected as one of two Distinguished Attorneys by the Louisiana Bar Foundation and he received the Golden Deeds Award in 2006. And he was nominated by the LSU Foundation for recognition on National Philanthropy Day in 2009.

CONSIDERING, at 85 years old he hits the treadmill seven days a week and also takes balancing classes. He picks his own pears from trees on his family plantation in New Roads to have made into preserves.

CONSIDERING, he stays abreast of politics, current events and attends social functions. He keeps himself sharp. His positive outlook on life drives him forward. “Everyone these days is so pessimistic. You need to thank the good Lord that you wake up every morning. Do something productive. Have some goals. Ask yourself, What can I do today to help others?”