Life Resolutions

April Sheris wanted to give her daughters a gift.

Would it be jewels?

Something cool for the kitchen?


No. It would be something more precious.

Sheris decided to give her daughters words of wisdom that they could always take with them.

“They deserved my heart,” she writes.

So begins her book, Life Resolutions, a thought-a-day volume that doles out maternal advice we could all use. Here’s a sampling:

“Every morning I see the love of my life in the mirror. Be self-approved.”

“You must produce positive thoughts in order to produce positive results.”

“You only get one shot at life. What’s your legacy?”

The book inspired Sheris to launch her own publishing company, Upland Avenue Productions.

“During the writing process I was in search of a company to use, and there were plenty existing to choose from,” she says. “However, they lacked what I was looking for, which was a blend of print-on-demand and basic marketing. So I decided to launch the publishing company to fit my needs.”

As Sheris told friends and family about her book and idea to publish it herself, she discovered her company met a niche demand, and she started offering her service to others for a fee.

Life Resolutions would make a nice gift to a graduate, tween or a teen who might be grappling with the murky, mysterious—and often dramatic—episodes that come along with the coming-of-age.

The book is also filled with commonsense reminders that even the most stable adult can use from time to time.

Do you wonder what is going on with that colleague who doesn’t return phone calls but promises she’ll be in touch?

“Actions speak louder than words,” Sheris writes. “Stop listening and start watching.”

Are you hoping to raise your kids well, but waiting till the time is right to make an important change in your own life?

“We should be projections of how they should conduct business and navigate through life once they reach our age,” Sheris writes. “We can impact the lives of every child created for the better. What are you waiting on?”

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