Layne McDaniel – … a person of character

CONSIDERING, he is an advocate of Lemonade Day Louisiana, an endeavor where children learn how to start, own and operate their own business. “It is teaching kids from a very young age how to manage money. It offers them a chance to be entrepreneurs while giving them financial grounding.”

CONSIDERING, as president and CEO of the Credit Bureau Foundation of Baton Rouge, he supports, funds and participates in programs for schools, businesses and civic groups to educate the public about the consumer credit system and wise use of consumer credit. “Our primary mission is financial literacy, but we support many other ventures as well.”

CONSIDERING, he has a personal passion for youth development organizations in general. His mother was a single mom of three children. His grandfather was his mentor, and he thinks every child should have one.

CONSIDERING, he has served as a board member for Big Buddy, Junior Achievement and the Boy Scouts, among others. “If we could reach children at an early age and instill in them a sense of personal pride, then we could solve many of the juvenile delinquent and juvenile violence issues in this state.”

CONSIDERING, he is a managing member of Innovative Analytics as well as Noesis Data. “I truly enjoy the type of work I do. I’m a CPA by training. I don’t consider it a burden to come in every day.”

CONSIDERING, he was one of the saviors of the old Sherwood Forest Country Club Golf Course. In 2009 he joined forces with a few others and invested in the 124-acre property so that it would not become abandoned. The Oaks at Sherwood Golf Course helps retain the surrounding property values in southeast Baton Rouge.

CONSIDERING, he has been married to Jill for 30 years next month. The duo has two grown children.

CONSIDERING, he is dedicated to making Baton Rouge a better place for future generations. “I want to help build a community where my children can grow and thrive. We want to attract great people to our city. Who better than our own children and grandchildren?”