Laurent-Perrier Brut N.V.

Champagne is the most misunderstood luxury in the world. And being traditionally reserved for celebration has kept this inherently versatile wine off most tables. So it’s good that Laurent-Perrier Brut N.V. has turned the table in favor of serving champagne before, during and after dinner.

The essence of a great champagne estate is its nonvintage (N.V.) house style—a blend of multiple vintages that creates the estate’s unique flavor and consistency from year to year. Laurent-Perrier’s house style is classic, crafted with perfect balance and creamy texture, with an upfront aroma of lemon shortbread and a palate of pear, peach and marcona almond. This off-dry, not-sweet champagne is made from mostly chardonnay grapes, so transition is easy for the white wine loyalist. Its steady flow of tiny bubbles reflects a freshness, purity and elegance that make it the ideal choice.

Grab this bottle of bubbles for $55 at Calandro’s Select Cellars. Or order the Laurent-Perrier at Houmas House Plantation and celebrate from the initial toast to the fabulous foie gras. At only 65 calories per glass, this champagne won’t hurt anyone’s New Year’s resolution to diet!

Scott Reis is a venture capitalist whose prior investments include Churchill’s Cigar and Wine Bar as well as Grand Cru Market and Wine Cellar. E-mail Scott at [email protected].