Lauren Hill – Artist/Owner, Mint.Art

Fashion inspiration
Victoria Beckham

Weekend ensemble
I’m a tennis shoes or heels kind of girl—nothing in between.

I can’t get enough of
Everything stingray

Favorite designer
Tom Ford

Daily uniform

What I wear to a dinner party
Pants and a top with great jewelry and accessories

Go-to pair of denim
Genetic Denim is my new favorite.

Prized possession
A gold bracelet engraved with my brother’s initials—my mom and my sisters also have one.

Most splurge-worthy item
A great handbag

Piece I skimp on
Super-trendy pieces

Last thing I purchased
What I’m wearing in this photo

What I’m looking for now
Spring and summer wardrobe

Wouldn’t be caught dead in
Anything tight and revealing

If no one were looking, I’d wear
My sweats, covered in paint