Jenny Gray – Wardrobe consultant, Worth New York

“Cancer affects everyone. In my business, all of my clients either had a loved one battling cancer or have battled it themselves. I owe it to them to do something helpful.”

My fashion motto: Clothes are supposed to be fun!

Daily uniform: Every day is a surprise.

Fashion inspiration: Stephen Black

Most splurge-worthy item: A necklace I had made at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry that features a tourmaline I bought in Brazil.

Prized possession: My Worth fox wrap

Piece I skimp on: Everyday shoes

Worst fashion memory: Prairie skirts

Must-have product: MAC Lady Danger lipstick

What I wear to a dinner party: It depends on the hostess; she sets the tone.

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Last thing I purchased: A pair of gladiator sandals