Höpler Pinot Blanc

When summer sizzles, simply select an Austrian white and seek expert advice from European wine aficionados who can gently guide you through an Alice in Wunderland maze of fabulous food-friendly wines. From Austria’s award-winning Weisswein ranging from super dry to super sweet, my summer pick is the Höpler Pinot Blanc 2009. This delicious dry white is a stylish surprise of zest, zing and mouthwatering acidity, rounding into a creamy but substantial midpalate. With an impressive finish, this white wine from southeast of Vienna is almost like the first run of the season at Innsbruck in full lederhosen.

The Pinot Blanc combination of cool and exotic is destined to be a summer success. And with its relatively low alcohol content, your party can begin at noon. Whether at the French Laundry in Yountville or Juban’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge, Höpler Pinot Blanc is available BTG or BTB.  It’s an extraordinary match for rich seafood and best served in Riedel crystal of Austria. Although availability is limited in the retail market, you can find Höpler for under $20 at Calandro’s Government Street location.

Scott Reis is a venture capitalist whose prior investments include Churchill’s Cigar and Wine Bar as well as Grand Cru Market and Wine Cellar. E-mail Scott at [email protected].