Fresh perspective – Newcomers to Baton Rouge reveal what’s distinctive and desirable about the area

Baton Rouge is best known for an oft-repeated list of attributes: It’s chock-full of friendly, welcoming people. It needs no excuse to throw a party. Its tailgate culture is larger than life. The local cuisine is well-spiced; the coffee, strong. Family is important. So is religion. And a relentless appreciation for sports and the outdoors hangs in the air. 

But there’s more to be revealed about Baton Rouge, and talking to those who have recently moved here is one of the most interesting prisms through which to consider the city’s unique personality.

While Louisiana has more native-born residents than any other state and Baton Rouge still feels like a small town, it’s a city that draws plenty of newcomers. After all, it is at once a state capital, a university town and a hub for business and industry. Transplants bring a powerful perspective to Baton Rouge that is critical to the city’s continued growth and development. They ensure we neither take its riches for granted nor miss the chance to move the ball forward. Take a moment to consider the insight from the following couples who now call the Capital City home. Their take on our traditions and our culture might surprise you.

Click the names below to read some newcomers perspectives on Baton Rouge.

Steve and Debbie Blume
Last residence: Singapore
Here since: Fall 2008

Bruce and Cindy Greenstein
Last residence:Sammamish, Wash., an eastern suburb of Seattle
Here since: Fall 2010

Michael and Toni Medick
Last residence: Baltimore
Here since: Michael, May 2010; Toni and the family, June 2011