EnRoute Les Pommiers Pinot Noir

Your first taste of EnRoute Les Pommiers Russian River Pinot Noir 2012 transports you to a faraway place where a cool breeze off the Pacific Ocean moves the fog in a dreamlike dance. Subtle crushed raspberry tantalizes the tip of your tongue then transcends into an oak-induced vanilla and black cherry finish. Winemaker Andrew Delos has crafted a house style that is elegant, balanced and sophisticated—almost European. There is something magical about this thin-skinned, vulnerable Pinot Noir grape that generates so much global passion. Far Niente Winery partners founded EnRoute Winery in 2007, but their single production Pinot project has been in the works for three decades.This Sonoma chapter to Far Niente’s history brought them from dreams of Burgundy to the Russian River Valley, where apple orchards once dominated the landscape; hence the moniker “Les Pommiers.” EnRoute is available at French Market Bistro, where it’s available BTG and pairs well with much on the menu. Or pick up a bottle for $50 at Martin’s Wine Cellar, and let your journey continue.