Christmas dinner guests are treated first to a visual feast in the form of a golden-hued table setting. Buckingham Gold china by Minton is complemented by Yeoward crystal glasses and a scattering of shimmering orbs on the centerpiece. The antique sterling flatware was Kyler’s mother’s.

Christmas casserole, Natural air filters

Christmas casserole

As a little Christmas lagniappe—in case your menu plans for the holidays are still taking shape—we’re sending you a recipe for a casserole sure to please all. You can make it the morning of the meal or the night before; just cover and refrigerate it until ready to bake. You’ll need refrigerated dinner rolls, ground sausage, frozen hash browns, shredded cheese, eggs, milk, salt, pepper, Creole seasoning, and green onions for garnish. Local blogger and baker Aimee Broussard supplied this delectable Christmas casserole treat, which she says has become a tradition in her home. Get the full recipe.

Natural air filters

With the New Year around the corner, an opportunity presents itself to rethink the best practices in our homes. Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals. We’re recommending indoor greens to help purify the air. For easy-going plants, try spider plants, bamboo palms or Chinese evergreens, which all require low sunlight and light care. To incorporate flowers into the plan, consider Gerber daisies, chrysanthemums, and azalea shrubs; they all need weekly watering and plenty of sunlight.