Camping out – Local families send their children to sleepover camps near and far

Branson, Mo.
“We were drawn to the strong Christian influence of the camp and wanted our kids to be around counselors who would share their faith with our kids. We also wanted them to experience a different part of the country with kids from around the country.”—Leigh Ann & Bryan Evans

Arapahoe, N.C.
“This will be the fourth summer our 10-year-old daughter Maisie will go to this camp. It is located on the coast and focuses on sailing and water sports. She thoroughly enjoys meeting girls from across the South and the East Coast. As parents, we love seeing how her confidence and independence grow while she’s away from home.”—Shelton & Ted Jones

Mentone, Ala.
“Sending our sons to Alpine is, hands down, the best thing we’ve done as parents. They came home better boys, happier boys; boys with a deeper appreciation of nature and community. A month ‘unplugged’ somehow flew by. It’s a place where boys can be boys.”—Elizabeth & Brian Mackey

Tyler, Texas
“We wanted a place for our children to go where we knew they’d be loved and nurtured and develop their independence, while also growing in Christ. Christine had the time of her life last year. She wrote us one letter that said, ‘Please don’t come get me.’ That actually made us feel great.”—Rhonda & Rich Myer

Ingram, Texas
“This camp is run and owned by a family who has more than 50 years’ camp experience. It’s located on the Guadalupe River in beautiful Texas Hill Country. The low camper-counselor ratio and Christian-based values regarding leadership, teamwork, and summer fun traditions made our decision an easy one.”—Karen & Keith Guillot

Mount Ida, Ark.
“James loves smash ball, the water activities and the tribal competition best, but we think the greatest part of camp for him is being with his friends. There was a small group of boys that went together from his school, but after the first summer experience, two of the boys moved away. These two weeks each summer bring them all together again for nonstop fun and will secure life-long friendships.”—Tricia & Jay Bruno

Atlanta, Ga.
“While this camp is obviously dance focused, it does offer some fun extra activities outside of the dance sessions. There are great camps in many different states, but we have always wanted our girls to travel a bit farther from home to a different part of the country and experience different people, cultures, climate and area activities. We love that they can go to a place where all the cell phones and iPads and TVs are turned off and they become just kids having fun.”—Anisa & Dale Politz

Mentone, Ala.
“Nutty Buddies, the tribes, archery, horseback, bunkmates, canoeing, dances—these are just some of the many things the girls love about Riverview. As parents, we love Riverview because it is an all-girls, Christian-based camp that exposes our daughters to a slower pace of life. They can unplug from their normal daily routines, relax and just have fun.”—Danna & Kenny Hodges

Arapahoe, N.C.
“Camp Sea Gull teaches all aspects of both motorboating and sailing and has an extensive fleet of both types of boats, as well as golf, tennis, archery, riflery, and other various land activities. They put great emphasis on goal setting and character building throughout the program. It continues to be an amazing childhood experience for our boys.”—KK & John O. Hearin

Utica, Miss.
“Jacobs has a magical feel to it. As soon as you enter the gates, you feel a sudden peace, yet amazing energy. Hundreds of children from all over the South spend a few weeks there each year, living as part of a community; taking part in athletic, recreational and creative activities; and spending time with friends they’ve made over the years. Campers make memories and friends for life.”­—Deborah Sternberg & Michael Roth

Mills River, N.C.
“My aunt and uncle, Shelley and Karl Alexander of Baton Rouge, actually bought this camp years ago, moved there and still run it today. We love the fact that it is co-ed because both of our children can go to camp together. They have learned new sports and skills, they have learned to meet new people, they have learned to take care of themselves and keep up with their things. Camp teaches independence and people skills that just can’t be taught in the same way at home!”—Lacy & George Bofinger

New York City, N.Y.
“Our daughter Lily loves theater and has always done various theater and art camps at the Manship. Tada! was an all- around great experience. The kids wrote their own play/musical and performed it for parents at the end of the week.”—Amy & Steve Rotenberg