mosquitoes get rid of baton rouge lavendar
mosquitoes get rid of baton rouge lavendar

Bid goodbye to unwanted mosquitoes

Tips and tricks to keep the mosquitoes at bay

It’s inevitable. The south Louisiana summer is upon us and so are the mosquitoes. As such, we’ve rounded up a list of plants that help to keep the pesky insects away.

Lavender, which both smells good and looks nice, is our fist pick if you’re searching for something to plant. In addition to warding off the insects, the scent of lavender is known to help calm the body and the mind. Be careful not to prune the flowers too early, though. It’s recommended to wait until they show a decent amount of new growth to do so.

Next up, lemon balm and catnip make our cut for plants to add to your garden when wanting to fight off mosquitoes. Crush a few of the leaves and rub them onto the skin for added protection when outside.

Lastly, if all else fails (or you’re not into gardening), try going a less natural route. The Cutter Backyard Spray repels against a variety of bugs, hooks up to your hose for easy application, and is safe for pets when dry.