Photos courtesy Ashleigh Jayne.

Ask the wedding expert: Ashleigh Jayne on how to choose a photographer you’ll love

Ashleigh Jayne.

While flowers, cake and all of the other design details help make a wedding day memorable for the couple and their guests, photographs are what make it immortal. Standing the test of time, wedding photos are some of the most dearly held because they show a truly special moment in time. Therefore, the choice of who will record a bride’s big day is no simple task.

“Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most–if not the most–important parts of your wedding planning,” explains Ashleigh Jayne, owner and photographer behind Ashleigh Jayne Photography. “Remember, the photographer will be the one who captures every moment and detail of your big day that will allow you to go back years and years later to relive that special day. These photos you will have will be your sweet reminder of the memories that will, with each passing year, become harder and harder to remember.”

Jayne says the best way to choose a photographer who will create these tangible memories is to research, research and research some more.

“Social media these days is such a huge platform, making it so easy to come across hundreds of photographers daily,” says Jayne. “It’s really an awesome tool that brides these days have, but it can also be a negative.”

While Instagram, Pinterest and other sites are great for nailing down a style–timeless and bright or romantic and airy, candid images or posed–it can also leave brides prey to picking based only on a photographer’s best of the best images.

“Most photographers can always get those Instagram-worthy one-shots, but the most important thing you can do is look at the photographer’s body of work,” explains Jayne. “Don’t be afraid to email the photographer and ask them if you can see multiple full wedding galleries. You want to not only see those beauty shots, but also just the in-between moments or even some good old party pics from the reception.”

The final piece of advice from Jayne is to see photography as an investment. Since you can’t redo the day, the photos are what you will have after it is all said and done. Opting to allot more money in the budget for photography will allow the details and emotions of the day to live on–and that is priceless.

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